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Use of natural antioxidants in chocolate spreads

Chocolate is a widely used ingredient present in many of our daily foods such as milk shakes, candy bars, cookies and cereals. And although ranked as one of the most favourite flavours in western societies, chocolate remains a product that requires complex procedures to be produced.

Legislation, toxicity and uses of propylene glycol in animal feed

American legislation through the FDA considers propylene glycol as a GRAS substance in animal feed, with the exception of its use in cat food. This is because more and more scientific studies confirm that cats experience a type of anemia caused by the formation of Heinz bodies.

Why protect breakfast cereals with natural antioxidants.

Cereals are one of the pillars of the Mediterranean Diet, providing a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, it is recommended to consume whole grains because they concentrate a large amount of fiber, numerous B group vitamins and minerals such as iron, selenium, potassium and magnesium.

From pulses to hummus. Types, properties and nutritional composition.

In the past, the type of diet gave many clues as to the position of everyone in the hierarchical pyramid of society. As a rule, the diet of individuals belonging to higher strata was based mainly on the consumption of foods of animal origin, especially big game meat. In contrast, the common people’s diet consisted mainly of plant-based foods, such as cereals, pulses, vegetables, and fruit.

Properties, uses and antioxidant protection of macadamia nut oil in cosmetics.

The fatty acid composition of macadamia nut oil makes it very prone to oxidation and, consequently, to the loss of these benefits. As a solution, and to keep all these nutrients intact so that they can exert their correct function on the skin, the cosmetic industry adds a series of antioxidants, which in most cases are of synthetic origin.

How to avoid the loss of properties: colors and pigments

The use of colors and pigments is a very widespread practice in the food or cosmetic industry to make products more attractive or to enhance some of their own characteristics. Dyes have been used since ancient times, mainly with products existing in nature itself, but with the appearance of the production industry of food or […]

Why add vegetable extracts to TOCOBIOL®?

At BTSA, in our R&D laboratory, we are constantly testing new natural solutions for our clients, and one of our main lines of research is the combination of Tocopherols with other vegetable extracts, such as Green Tea Extract.

Main certificates in the Animal Nutrition industry

In order to guarantee product quality and food safety, the industry has developed a series of certifications that allow manufacturers of products for animal nutrition to meet these objectives. These certifications regulate producers and traders of feed and its components, as well as its handling and transport.