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Interactions of the food packaging

The term packaging refers to any material used to protect a product when it is stored and transported. In particular, food packaging is used to protect food against microbiological, chemical and physical contamination. However, the materials that make up the container can react with the content and cause alterations in the product.

Main exhibitions of the pet food sector

In general, exhibitions are events promoted by economic agents in a sector where experts share their innovations in order to grow their reputations, and in which visitors can meet new suppliers for their business or simply get up to speed on innovations and trends in its sector.

Antioxidants for animal nutrition

Over the years, the animal nutrition industry has been constantly evolving. In the urban context, it was necessary to set guidelines to achieve and maintain the established production goals and, as early as the 20th century, globalization brought the need to increase competitiveness by incorporating the use of additives.