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What is a natural antioxidant and why is it useful in food?

According to the Spanish Food Code, additives are “all substances that can be intentionally added to foods and beverages, with no intention of changing their nutritional value, in order to modify their characteristics, processing or preservation techniques or to improve their adaptation to the use for which they are intended.

Antioxidants in food: Myths and Truths

Natural antioxidants are part of today’s society’s daily diet, either intrinsically in some foods that we consume, or added to foods in order to delay oxidative rancidity and lengthen the shelf- life of the product.

BTSA launches its new biotechnology blog

We excitedly and enthusiastically announce that we are starting a new path in the field of biotechnology. We have been at the forefront of the field for over 23 years, and we want to continue to innovate, as this has been one of our fundamental company values since our start.

Successful results from the 2nd year of the R&D project “Avanza-S”: New healthy food products and advanced packaging solutions.

The Centre for Industrial and Technology Development (CDTI, for its name in Spanish) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy has reviewed and certified the second year of the R&D project “Research and experimental development of new healthy food products and advanced packaging solutions” (AVANZA-S). The project was selected and funded by CDTI in the frame […]