We are BTSA and we are B Corp!

Last December, BTSA obtained the B Corp™ certification, granted to companies that meet the highest social and environmental standards, and whose purpose is to generate a positive impact for both people and the planet.


Unlike companies that only pursue economic benefits, B companies must meet a series of social and environmental requirements, and are asked to take their workers, clients, suppliers and the community in general into account when making relevant decisions.

B Corp represents the most advanced sustainable business model in the world and exceeding its standard requires great effort and commitment, so obtaining this certification is a great achievement for BTSA and its entire team.


What are the benefits of being a B Corp?

  • Differentiation and credibility
  • Increased visibility and international recognition
  • Protect the company mission through time
  • Raise capital aligned with the company mission
  • Access technology, talent and experience
  • Be part of a community of high-impact companies
  • Talent attraction of people who want to join companies with social values
  • Promote relationships with other B companies


Currently, in Spain there are more than 200 B Corps and there are already thousands of people who are committed to generating positive change in the world.

For BTSA, being a B Corp is a source of great pride and a confirmation that our sustainability-based spirit is the key to success, both for our company and the world.