Work & Ski in Astun

Last week, BTSA’s management team went to Astun Ski Center in the Aragonese Pyrenees, to analyze the evolution of the company in the recent years and plan the strategy for the upcoming years.


The objective of this activity, that has been held for the last six years, is to enjoy a few days of work in a different environment and that the managers of each area of ​​the company can share their experiences and align their goals for the future.

In addition, the participants were able to enjoy a spectacular natural setting and skiing in one of the most spectacular centers of Spain.

This year, the participants in this activity were:

Ana Victoria Ugidos – CEO & Chairwoman
Antonio Magán – COO España
Alvaro Agudo – Sales & Marketing Manager
Ya-Fang Liu – Facilities Manager
Victoria Mazario – Financial Manager
Diego García – Quality Manager
Gema Caballero – Final Product Manager
Teresa Rivero – COO Mexico

La Salle Maravillas School visits BTSA’s headquarters

The company celebrated its 22nd birthday with 50 students.

On Thursday February 4th, 50 students from 1º de Bachillerato of La Salle Maravillas School in Madrid, visited BTSA’s headquarters in Tecnoalcalá.

The visit was framed within the subject of Economics, and helped the students to see first-hand the concepts taught in classes, especially everything related to the production process in a company. The visit was also attended by tutors of 1ºA and 1ºB, Adolfo Gonzalez Aledo and Bruce Howden respectively.

Upon arrival, the group was received by the Ya-Fang Liu and Antonio Magan, two of the company managers, who explained the students what BTSA does, its history and the products that the company manufactures. Later, Ana Ugidos, CEO, and Diego Garcia, Quality Manager, conducted a guided tour of the factory, warehouse, laboratory and office, explaining to the students each stage of the production process and the business areas.

This was a very enriching experience for all, and also served to celebrate the 22nd birthday of BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas.

BTSA will open production plant in Mexico in 2016 and go public in 2017

Ana Ugidos, BTSA’s CEO, explained the internationalization plans of the company.

Last Tuesday, January 26th, the financial newspaper 5 Días, published an interview in which Ana Ugidos, CEO of BTSA, explained that the immediate future of the company has its focus on the international markets, both in terms of finance as in sales and production.

In terms of funding, it explained what is the Elite Program and that the ultimate goal of BTSA to participate in this initiative is to go public on stock exchanges in London and Milan in 2017. In addition, among the benefits of participating in this program there is getting worldwide notoriety, to present the company to foreign capital and to find new business partners.

Nevertheless, the immediate future of BTSA goes through the opening in 2016 of a new production plant in Mexico, country in which the company already has sales offices. From there, the company will supply the products to its clients throughout America.

Finally, the article highlights fact that the venture capital firm Generation Investment Management, co-founded by former US Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore, is interested in BTSA’s business model.

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Interview to Ana Ugidos in Capital Radio

On November 20th, 2015, Ana Victoria Ugidos, BTSA’s CEO, participated in the program “Valor Salud” of Capital Radio, hosted by the expert in management, human resources and communications, Fran García Cabello.

You can listen the full interview in the following link:

BTSA, a Company full of vitamins

BTSA is the Spanish Company that leads the production of natural antioxidants.

Ana Ugidos, CEO and founder of BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas, gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper El País, which was published last Sunday in the Business section of this important media. In the interview, she recalled the beginnings of the Company and the difficulties they went through. In addition, she talked about her transition from entrepreneur to business woman and about the projections of BTSA towards the future.

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