The EU definitively prohibits the use of ethoxyquin

The EU definitively prohibits the use of ethoxyquin

On August 5, Regulation (EU) 2022/1375 of the European Commission came into force, regarding the denial of authorization of ethoxyquin as a feed additive belonging to the functional group of antioxidants.

With this new regulation, Regulation 2017/962 is repealed, which in June 2017 suspended the authorization of ethoxyquin as a feed additive for all animal species and categories. In 2017, the EU made this decision due to a lack of data to be able to assess the safety of this synthetic additive, and a deadline was given to carry out and present new studies.

However, after several years of analysis, it has not been possible to establish that ethoxyquin does not have adverse effects on the health of animals, people, or the environment. Therefore, the evaluation of ethoxyquin shows that the authorization requirements established by Regulation (EC) 1831/2003 are not met, and consequently its use as an antioxidant in feed should be refused.

This EU decision is further proof that the future of additives, in general, and of antioxidants, in particular, involves using products of natural origin, which do not have negative effects on the health of living beings and they are much more respectful with the environment.

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