Management Policy

Customers around the world rely on BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas SL to offer additives and natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and dietary industries, every time with unquestionable security and high quality.

Quality is reflected in each of our actions and accompanies us in everything we do. We believe that quality is the keystone to our success because it is an inherent part of us. The BTSA system has standards and processes to achieve unique and high quality products, from product design to purchasing.

Due to BTSA’s commitment to food safety and high quality products, the Top Management of the company has defined this Quality and Food Safety Policy to serve as a framework to achieve the goals established in each moment.

Our commitment to Quality and Food Safety is reflected in the following principles:

  • The Management is committed to the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems to achieve these objectives and an effective communication between suppliers, and to develop partnerships to support the management system.
  • We are sure that the way of maintaining the confidence of all interested parties, is transparency. Therefore, we promote compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, reference standards, internal specifications, and specific requirements from clients.
  • All our efforts are aimed at satisfying consumers through our products and services, meeting their expectations, covering their needs and preferences.
  • The quality and safety is reflected in each of our actions. Thus, each member of our company takes this mission as his/her own, in order to ensure quality.
  • Our staff is our most valuable asset, so we are committed to prevent injury and illness of employees, contractors and visitors, promoting the participation of all to achieve a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment. Besides we are committed to promoting training for a correct and thorough job execution.
  • We have established a commitment to analysis and continuous improvement in order to decrease risks, detect other potential risks or deviations and establish suitable measures for prevention and actuation to improve the System effectiveness.
  • We respect the environment by using efficiently the natural resources, preventing pollution and disposing waste properly.
  • We have measures in place for food fraud prevention and food defense, in order to prevent our products from economically motivated adulteration and intentional contamination.
  • All our raw materials, production process and Halal certified final products are guaranteed to comply with the practices permitted by the Islamic law. Likewise, KOSHER requirements are guaranteed to be met in our certified final products, in compliance with the Jewish law.
  • The Top Management is committed to submit the Food Safety System, based on the standards ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22002-1, ISO 9001 and FAMI-QS Code, to audits performed by accredited certification entities.

To succeed in the Quality and Food Safety Policy outlined, this Top Management asks the support and participation of everyone, at all levels, both in their individual actions as well as when forming part of working groups, in order to establish and keep up to date a management system that ensures the satisfaction of our customers.

Top Management