Why add vegetable extracts to TOCOBIOL® ?

Why add vegetable extracts to TOCOBIOL

Oxidation of oils and fats used for food production causes the food to become rancid, causing changes in its flavor and color, and causing them to lose their nutritional properties.

Both vegetable and animal fats undergo these processes due to the presence of oxygen, light and high temperature. This process basically consists of a primary oxidation of the fatty acids (hydrogenation of their bonds and formation of aldehydes, ketones and free radicals) and a subsequent secondary oxidation (due to the presence of free radicals, new oxidation processes are favored) that accelerates exponentially the primary oxidation.

Thanks to natural antioxidants such as TOCOBIOL®, these processes can be delayed without the need to use synthetic antioxidant products, which are increasingly limited and in progressive disuse due to their toxicity, such as TBHQ (E 319), BHA (E 320) or BHT (E 321).

At BTSA, in our R&D laboratory, we are constantly testing new natural solutions for our clients, and one of our main lines of research is the combination of Tocopherols with other plant extracts, such as Green Tea Extract, which has a high antioxidant capacity in different types of fats, and it has the advantage of not being labeled as an additive, but as an ingredient. The molecules that give Green Tea Extract its antioxidant capacity are Catechins. These molecules have a large number of hydroxyl groups, which are responsible for providing these antioxidant properties.

Many of our clients are already using these blends of Tocopherols and Green Tea Extract to stabilize vegetable and fish oils with very good results.

BTSA has the ability to contrast these results using different accelerated oxidation equipment such as RANCIMAT® and RAPIDOXY®. Both methods produce a measurable response due to oxidation, being able to determine and compare which products are more stable against oxidation. The time it takes for a sample to oxidize is known as the induction time and it is used to calculate the increase in oxidative stability with respect to the sample without antioxidants.

As an example, the results obtained using two antioxidants in sunflower oil are shown below, using our RANCIMAT® equipment. On the one hand, we have 70% Mixed Tocopherols (NUTRABIOL® T70) and, on the other, a blend of Tocopherols with Green Tea Extract (TOCOBIOL® XT). Both products were tested with the same concentration (1000 mg / Kg, 0.1%) at a temperature of 110ºC.

As the test results show, the use of an antioxidant blend of Tocopherols with Green Tea Extract (TOCOBIOL® XT) considerably improves the effectiveness of the antioxidant, and consequently improves the stability of sunflower oil, increasing its shelf life.

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