What are branded ingredients?

A branded ingredient refers to a special version of an ingredient that is often associated with claims of quality, consistency, or specific benefits that are unique to that particular brand.

But how do they differ from other commodities? Why have they become so renowned in the nutraceutical market? In this article, we will try to answer these questions, trying to guide towards more conscious choices, beyond marketing claims.


What makes branded ingredients special from other commodities?

In the nutraceutical industry, the distinction between branded ingredients and non-branded ones is particularly significant, especially due to the focus on health benefits and the scientific backing required for such claims.

Branded ingredients typically involve significant research and development investment. Often, these ingredients have been subjected to clinical trials to validate their health benefits. This characteristic is used as a marketing tool to differentiate the ingredient from its non-branded counterparts, which are generally basic forms of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with established properties and uses.

Branded ingredients often require more extensive regulatory documentation to substantiate health claims, such as those provided by clinical trial data, specific safety information or certifications about their purity, sourcing, or manufacturing processes.

Other commodities generally face less stringent regulatory demands for health claims, as their effects are well-documented and widely accepted based on historical data.

Moreover, companies can develop unique formulas or extraction methods that are often patented, providing a competitive edge, as they restrict other companies from using the same formulation or method.


Key characteristics of ‘Branded Ingredients’

  1. Quality Assurance: Branded ingredients undergo stringent testing and quality control measures, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.
  2. Research-backed: Supported by robust scientific evidence, branded ingredients offer credibility and validation of their health benefits.
  3. Traceability: Complete traceability from sourcing to production instills confidence in product integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Brand Trust: Recognizable brands inspire trust and loyalty among B2B partners, facilitating long-term collaborations and market growth.


The supply of branded ingredients has boomed in recent years

Branded ingredients are commonly found in supplements, functional foods, and beverages. In particular, companies might develop specific, proprietary formulations of vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other botanicals that are designed to be more effective or better absorbed by the body.

As consumers become more health-conscious, there has been a greater demand for high-quality and effective supplements in recent years, especially for products that offer specific health benefits.

This trend increased the competitiveness of the already crowded nutraceutical market, characterised by an extremely wide choice of products that offer similar characteristics. Therefore, branded ingredients help manufacturers differentiate their products from competitors by offering something unique that cannot be easily replicated, such as a patented substance or a clinically tested formula, way beyond the basic quality requirements that all brands must meet.

Within the B2B nutraceuticals industry, branded ingredients catalyze strategic partnerships as they enhance product portfolios. Professionals in this domain recognize the value of offering products fortified with branded ingredients, as they convey a commitment to quality and efficacy. Moreover, leveraging branded ingredients fosters brand differentiation and fosters trust among industry stakeholders.


Just a trend or a real added value?

The advancements in ingredient research have enabled more sophisticated exploration and understanding of how different substances impact health. This has led to the development of novel ingredients with higher-quality profiles and specific health benefits.

Prominent examples in this context are products like Tocobiol®, Nutrabiol® T, and Nutrabiol® E, which are the result of the highly specialised knowledge of BTSA about the use of vitamin E as a technological and biological antioxidant in food and nutraceutical products.

In comparison with their non-branded counterparts, BTSA ingredients offer unique and proven advantages, such as enhanced absorption, effectiveness and stability. Moreover, these products have taken to the next level the use of vitamin E in combination with other antioxidants to improve the safety and effectiveness of food and nutraceutical products, without compromising BTSA’s commitment to sustainability.


Trust the over 30 years of experience of BTSA and add real value to your products and formulations!