BTSA launches its new biotechnology blog

Welcome to BTSA’s blog!

We excitedly and enthusiastically announce that we are starting a new path in the field of biotechnology. We have been at the forefront of the field for over 23 years, and we want to continue to innovate, as this has been one of our fundamental company values since our start.

Proof of this is our own business model, in which by employing the most advanced technology we reuse waste oils to develop our natural antioxidants, without generating waste in the process, as the remaining by-products are used in the production of biodiesel. On the other hand, from soybean or sunflower oils, algae and other products, BTSA makes Vitamin E or Omega 3, which in turn are used by other companies in the manufacturing of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In this way, we are committed to the environment to generate zero waste, and also to recycle pollutants from the industry.

It’s important to emphasise that our ingredients are natural, and that we know the origin and the steps that the raw materials have made prior to arriving to our facilities. Thanks to our rigorous traceability system, we certify that our products have not been genetically modified.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are a global company with offices in Spain and Mexico, and we have clients in over 40 countries who rely on our products and services, making us one of the main European companies of Natural Antioxidants, Vitamin E Natural and Omega 3.

Another example of our innovation was in the middle of 2004, when we received many negative comments when we created our first web page. “Many said that a company like BTSA did not need it, that nobody was going to look for us on the Internet, that it was only for those who sold directly to the public.” – Ana Ugidos, 2015. However, at present, an important part of our new clients come to us through the website and digital media. Thanks to the innovative vision of Ana Ugidos, CEO of BTSA, our company has been able to differentiate itself in the current competitive environment and obtain the trust of leading food and cosmetic companies worldwide.

To take a trip down memory lane, this was our first website 13 years ago.

Web Histórica BTSA Biotecnologías aplicadas

And this is how we begin the new BTSA Natural blog, in which we will discuss topics related to food, cosmetics and personal care, or animal nutrition. In addition, we will address specific issues such as food safety, additives and their characteristics, market trends, and innovation and development in the field of biotechnology.

This new blog is committed to spread and share our knowledge, guaranteeing the rigor and quality of its content so that it contributes actively to the development of the field, and to show our attitude of active dialogue based on your comments, because your opinions are very important for us.

We invite you to follow along with us, to participate in the debate on our social networks and to be part of this unprecedented movement in the field of biotechnology.