Main exhibitions of the pet food sector

In general, exhibitions are events promoted by economic agents in a sector where experts share their innovations in order to grow their reputations, and in which visitors can meet new suppliers for their business or simply get up to speed on innovations and trends in its sector.

In the pet market fairs, the main players of this sector such as retailers, food producers, distributors, manufacturers of articles and toys for the care of pets, suppliers of ingredients or raw materials, etc. meet.

Currently, the industry specializing in pets has positioned itself as one of the most important, generating more 2,200 million euros in 2014.

Next we will see the main fairs of the sector.

INTERZOO (Nuremberg, Germany)

It is the most important fair in Europe in the pet industry, held every two years. It consists of 11 pavilions, where exhibitors present the latest developments in the sector. In this fair about 39 thousand visitors participate and approximately 1800 exhibiting companies, from a total of 61 countries.

Interzoo began in 1950 and is known as the “German Pet Trade and Industry Association”; it has grown to become one of the most important in the sector both in Europe and worldwide.
This event is usually held during the month of May, in the German city of Nuremberg.


Global Pet Expo, presented by the American Association of Pet Products (APPA) and the Association of Pet Industry Distributors (PIDA), stands out as the largest fair for pet products in the Americas.

Global Pet Expo is open to independent retailers, distributors, mass market buyers and other qualified professionals.

In the fair of 2017 there were more than 1130 exhibitors, 3437 stands and more than 3000 launches of new products. 6,761 of the most innovative buyers for pets in the industry attended the event, including an impressive number of international retailers.

More than 1000 companies present the most novel products, for animals (dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and horses), and continues to grow year after year.

Global Pet Expo takes place in Orlando, Florida, normally during the month of March.

PET FAIR ASIA (Shanghai, China)

Pet Fair is an international event, dedicated to the market of pets and ornamental aquariums. It is carried out in Shanghai (China), giving it significant importance to the Asian market, but with companies at an international level, proposing a superior product profile.

In Pet Fair Asia about 1400 exhibiting companies participate annually and receives more than 35 thousand professionals worldwide and 110 thousand consumers.

The Chinese market is growing by leaps and bounds, becoming a mass market for “Premium” products. Hence the importance of this fair, to be part of a growing market.

Pet Fair Asia started in Hong Kong and years later moved to Shanghai. During these 20 years it has continued to grow, along with the development of the pet industry, which is one of the most important in Asia, and with great international importance, making it a great opportunity to establish market bridges between visitors and exhibitors.
The different editions of this fair are usually held during the month of August.


SuperZoo is an annual fair that takes place in Las Vegas, where professionals from the pet industry from all over the world come together to share their news with anyone who may be interested. It is one of the largest events in North America, to connect, learn and get a large number of contacts and increase business opportunities.

This is one of the fairs where you can get to know a lot of the novelties of the sector, with more than 1000 exhibitors, with about 820 new products presented in it. Since its creation SuperZoo has continued to grow, beating a record in 2017, by the number of customers and exhibitors that participated.

Superzoo is usually performed in Las Vegas during the month of June.

ZOOMARK (Bologna, Italy)

Zoomark International is an event that takes place on odd years, for the sector of pet products, and is destined to be one of the most important in the industry internationally.
This fair, held since 1985, is a good opportunity to learn about the latest news, professional updates, and meet with the largest international companies in the sector, as well as promote their own products and create new business opportunities, both in Italy and abroad.
In the 2017 edition, tickets were sold-out due to the numerous demands to participate in the exhibition of products, with five pavilions enabled, with about 735 exhibitors, representatives of a total of 43 countries, and more than 22 thousand professional visitors
Zoomark International has evolved along with the sector, being one of the reference fairs, growing year after year.
Like Interzoo, Zoomark is an event that takes place every two years, usually in the month of May.


The congresses and seminars on animal nutrition allow attendees to see another point of view the advances in the sector. In them, representatives of the most prestigious nutrition companies and scientists in the field, expose their research in terms of new formulations or applications of nutrients.

Some congresses to consider are:

PetFood Forum (Europe, China and Asia)

The group of conferences and exhibitions of Petfood Forum is a useful event for the professionals of the manufacture of pet food. It offers the opportunity to learn about the latest research on nutrition for pets, global market growth, food safety, processing and packaging.
Petfood Forum is a good opportunity for industry professionals to connect with each other and exchange ideas in the practical workshops held in this congress.
This congress is held annually in 3 areas of the world. Pet food Forum Europe, takes place in Germany in spring, Pet food Forum China takes place in Shanghai and finally Pet food Forum Asia brings together industry experts in Thailand.

Feed and Pet Food Joint Conference
It is an annual collaboration between the National Association of Grain and Feed (NGFA) and the Pet Food Institute (PFI), designed specifically for the food and pet food sectors. The conference addresses policy, regulatory and operational issues that companies face in today’s environment. It also offers suppliers a good opportunity to show their innovations and help those who work in the animal feed industry.