La Salle Maravillas School visits BTSA’s headquarters

The company celebrated its 22nd birthday with 50 students.

On Thursday February 4th, 50 students from 1º de Bachillerato of La Salle Maravillas School in Madrid, visited BTSA’s headquarters in Tecnoalcalá.

The visit was framed within the subject of Economics, and helped the students to see first-hand the concepts taught in classes, especially everything related to the production process in a company. The visit was also attended by tutors of 1ºA and 1ºB, Adolfo Gonzalez Aledo and Bruce Howden respectively.

Upon arrival, the group was received by the Ya-Fang Liu and Antonio Magan, two of the company managers, who explained the students what BTSA does, its history and the products that the company manufactures. Later, Ana Ugidos, CEO, and Diego Garcia, Quality Manager, conducted a guided tour of the factory, warehouse, laboratory and office, explaining to the students each stage of the production process and the business areas.

This was a very enriching experience for all, and also served to celebrate the 22nd birthday of BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas.