trade shows in the cosmetic industry

Exploring the main trade shows in the cosmetic industry

Trade shows in the cosmetic industry are specialised exhibitions where companies and professionals from the cosmetic and personal care industry, especially those focused on raw materials, ingredients, and formulation technologies, gather to showcase their products, services, and innovations.

These events are carried out to foster growth and innovation within the cosmetic ingredients sector by providing a centralised, focused platform for interaction and exchange. They help bridge the gap between scientific advancement and market application, ensuring the continuous evolution of the cosmetics industry in response to consumer needs and global challenges.

What’s the purpose of trade shows in the cosmetic industry?

Companies use these events to introduce their latest products and services. For many companies, cosmetic ingredient fairs are crucial for expanding their market presence, whether by entering new geographic markets or branching into different product categories.

Attendees gain insights into current trends, regulatory changes, and scientific advancements through workshops, seminars, and panel discussions. These educational opportunities are essential for companies to stay updated and maintain a competitive approach.

Moreover, trade shows in the cosmetic industry provide a unique opportunity for professionals from across the globe to connect, make new partnerships, and strengthen existing ones. Networking can lead to collaborative projects, sales agreements, and exchanging ideas.

The 9 most important trade shows in the cosmetic industry


In-Cosmetics Global is one of the leading trade fairs in the cosmetics industry, specifically focused on ingredients, raw materials, and formulation technologies. It typically rotates its location annually within Europe but has also some regional counterparts such as Asia, Latin America, and North America. These events typically occur in the spring and collectively draw thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors.

The Formulation Lab section is its most unique feature, where formulators and R&D professionals can participate in practical workshops under the guidance of experienced scientists. It’s an opportunity to learn new techniques and work with new ingredients firsthand.


Cosmoprof is a leading international beauty trade show connecting industry professionals and showcasing trends in cosmetics and beauty. Held across five continents, its main editions include:

  • Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (March/April).
  • Cosmoprof North America (July).
  • Cosmoprof Asia (November).
  • Cosmoprof India (September).
  • Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN (September).
  • Cosmoprof South America (September).

It attracts over 250,000 visitors and 2,900 exhibitors worldwide. It is distinctive for its extensive educational programs and a wide array of exhibitors, including skincare, hair care, nail care, perfumery, cosmetics, packaging, and machinery.

NYSCC Supplier’s Day

Hosted by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, NYSCC Supplier’s Day is a premier event in North America. It takes place annually in New York during spring, attracting over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees. The fair focuses on the introduction of new technologies and materials that can impact product development in the cosmetics and personal care industries.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit emphasises eco-friendly and sustainable practices within the cosmetics industry. Held in various major cities around the world including Paris, New York, and São Paulo, this summit addresses a broad range of topics related to sustainable practices within the cosmetics industry. These include green formulations, environmentally friendly packaging, ethical sourcing, marketing claims, and consumer behaviour.

SCS Formulate

SCS Formulate is organised by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in the UK. It is one of the most important events for formulators in the cosmetics industry. Taking place annually in Coventry in November, this event focuses primarily on the latest innovations, ingredients, and technologies used in creating cosmetic and personal care products.

Beauty World Istanbul

Beauty World Istanbul is an annual international trade fair for the beauty and cosmetics industry, held in October. Its unique location in Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia, attracting thousands of global participants. The city’s strategic location provides excellent connections and a convergence of diverse cultures, making the fair particularly appealing to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The fair covers a wide range of sectors, including skincare, haircare, and cosmetics and offers insights into local market dynamics.

Beauty World Middle East

Beauty World Middle East is an annual international trade fair held in Dubai, usually in May, dedicated to the beauty and cosmetics industry. In the Arab Emirates, where luxury is predominant and high-end cosmetics and personal care products are considered status symbols, this fair attracts visitors from all Gulf countries, showcasing the region’s significant economic potential.

The event draws over 44,000 visitors and features more than 1,800 exhibitors from various sectors, including skincare, haircare, perfumery, and wellness. Unlike other cosmetic fairs, it emphasizes luxury and high-end products, extensive networking opportunities, and live demonstrations, highlighting innovations and trends specific to the Middle Eastern market.

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHI)

PCHI is an international exhibition held annually in China in March that focuses on the raw materials and chemical ingredients used in the personal care and homecare industries. PCHI brings together suppliers, manufacturers, and industry professionals from around the world to showcase and discover the latest innovations, trends, and technologies in ingredients and formulations for cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, and other household items.

In the context of cosmetics, Asian skin has always been a reference in the beauty sector, making China, Japan, and Korea crucial markets for ingredients, formulations, textures, and skincare rituals. PCHI meeting delves deeply into the extensive know-how of these cultures in skincare, which in some cases is considered more as a ritual than as a mere practice for the health or beauty of the skin.


Cosmetorium celebrates the creativity and innovation of the cosmetic sector in Spain and is held annually in Barcelona during spring. Organised by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists in spring, this event focuses on the formulation, production, and distribution of cosmetic products.

BTSA at the main trade shows in the cosmetic industry

BTSA marks its presence in many of these events across the globe, such as In-Cosmetics, SCS Formulate, Cosmetorium and more, consistently demonstrating its commitment to excellence and continuous innovation by both co-exhibiting and attending these events.

By showcasing its advanced Bioxan® T, Bioxan® E and Tocobiol® C product lines, BTSA not only contributes to the global dialogue on sustainable beauty solutions but also reinforces its role as a leading company in the manufacture of vitamin E and other natural antioxidants.

Each BTSA product elevates the use of vitamin E to the highest level both as a technological antioxidant and as a biological antioxidant in cosmetic formulations, thanks to its synergistic activity with other tocopherols or other natural antioxidant compounds.

The natural origin of our products is not only a commitment to sustainable products but also to truly effective formulations, as our natural vitamin E beats its synthetic counterparts for both better biological and technological activity.

This is the message we want to bring during our participation in the most important cosmetic exhibitions in the world: at BTSA sustainability means effectiveness!