BTSA collaborates in the development of an antioxidant packaging

Fish and seafood products has recently received more attention from consumers for being an important source of nutritional components like unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, that have a positive impact in nutrition and health.

Lipid oxidation is one of the main causes of deterioration of fish during its processing and storage, being a fundamental factor in the shelf-life of food products.

The use of natural antioxidants is a good way to prevent and minimize lipid oxidation in food products, as it delays the formation of toxic oxidation products, while maintaining nutritional quality and extending the shelf-life of products.

In order to extend the shelf-life of fish and develop a film with antioxidant properties, a study funded by the Government of Galicia, in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of Vigo and the University of A Coruña, selected 5 BTSA products to test their antioxidant activity by the TBARS and DHHP methods.

The study results showed that by using our antioxidants, lipid oxidation was reduced up to 40%.

BTSA products used in this study are: TOCOBIOL®, TOCOBIOL® GL, NUTRABIOL® T90, TOCOBIOL® PV and NUTRABIOL® T50 PV.

This type of packaging can be used in the future by the food industry for preservation of products and extend their shelf-life, which also would have huge economic benefits for companies.