BTSA joins CIEN AVANZA-S Project

The project is an initiative of the National Business Research Consortium of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, which funds large projects of industrial research and experimental development.

The overall objective of the project is the development of new ingredients and formulations, as well as new systems and advanced packaging materials that allow more healthy products that meet the demands of consumers and public authorities in health and sustainability .

The project has a number of commercial, strategic, environmental and health goals, which includes:

  1. Encourage cooperation between enterprises of the food industry, such as producers, manufacturers of food ingredients and additives, packaging manufacturers and producers of biopolymers.
  2. Research and develop new products, ingredients and packaging for the meat industry, positioning companies as global leaders in terms of healthy products and advanced packaging.
  3. Bring to market new ranges of fresh products, natural ingredients and additives with high functional or nutritional value, and new advanced packaging.
  4. Improve the position of companies in the project in their respective markets, increasing their sales and employment level.
  5. Respond to the demand of consumers and public authorities on food and health, offering new products that promote general welfare of consumers in terms of nutrition and disease prevention.
  6. To increase the shelf life of fresh and processed products, and to reduce food waste
  7. Improve sustainability and increase efficiency in the use of resources within the food industry.

By participating in this project, BTSA continues its strategy of investment in R&D, as one of the main pillars of the company for sustainable development.